CrystaLac PolyOxide Wood Floor Finish

$ 13.99

PolyOxide excels in toughness, beauty, and ease of application. Fast dry and cure times mean the floor is ready for use much sooner than with other finishes. Apply over any clean, sanded surface. Tough enough for the gym; easy enough for the home. Also recommended for table and bar tops!

  • Non-yellowing and UV stabilized
  • Fast drying – recoat after two hours and ready for traffic in 24 hours!
  • Compatible with thoroughly dried oil or water base stains
  • Self-curing polyurethane resins
  • Aluminum oxide added for years of hard-wearing protection
  • Little to no odor; very low VOC content
  • Quick and easy water clean-up
  • Spray or brush application
  • Sizes: ½ Pint, Quart, Gallon, Five Gallon Pail
  • Coverage: approximately 500 sq.ft./gallon